Hi and welcome!

Susan Pennington

It was there in the kitchen with my grandmother where my creative juices started flowing. My grandmother was the inspiration for the name we chose for my blog – Food Kisses. We were a family surrounded with much love and fellowship who gathered around the dinner table daily partaking of delicious meals our grandmother so lovingly prepared for all of us to enjoy. We were so fortunate to grow up having her in our lives nurturing us and molding us into whom we are today.

The hours spent by her side clinging to her apron were life lessons in how to follow my dreams, to believe in myself and my fellow man, to count my blessings and to always see the good in the world. She was a shining example never speaking ill of anyone; only kind and gentle words were spoken and from the heart. Compassion, love and kindness surrounded all of us and I cherish the fact I was fortunate to have a truly wonderful childhood.

I strive to live an authentic life and take great pleasure in sharing pieces of my journey with you. Sharing with like minded women through blogging who live inspired lives, women who see beauty and truth in every little detail and who share their own journeys, creative ideas, and encouragement enrich my life.